Need technical SEO help?

Our sprints are designed for companies that have their general SEO setup locked down but are lacking the technical + industry-specific expertise to take it to the next level.

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Baseline Audit
A deep technical audit to uncover and correct anything standing in your way.
Clear Way Forward
Full SEO Roadmap
Improved Technical Performance
Tracking of SEO Progress
Focusing efforts on the right pages, the right keywords and the right positioning.
Prioritization of SEO Efforts
Improved Page Targeting
Improved Page Performance
On-Page Optimizations
Researching, ideating and outlining the content needed for your entire website.
Strategic Seed Keywords
Matrix of Content Ideas
In-Depth Content Outlines
Clear Way Forward
Getting featured links from relevant websites to build authority and trust with Google.
Link Profile Cleanup
List of Link-Building Targets
High-Authority Links
Clear Way Forward